Nudity is always inappropriate. The historic photo taken by photographer Nick Ut of a nine-year-old girl fleeing a napalm attack during the Vietnamese war is undoubtedly one of the most important photos of all time.


Referred to as the Napalm-Girl, the photo published by the New York Times in June 1972, the photo played a large role in altering the public’s view on the Vietnamese war.


The photo was a blatant disregard and direct violation of the right of another human being, as shown in the photo the then nine-year-old girl had no clothing items whatsoever on her body and she is badly exposed.


The violation of another human being’s rights is a criminal offence and the situation should have been dealt with accordingly to bring justice for the girl’s peace of mind, but considering that the situation had occurred during the war there was very little that could have been done about it.


The release of a picture of that calibre onto the media could have caused some serious damage to the girl emotionally and psychologically and therefore picture like that one should not be release onto the media unless if it’s by mutual consent.


To ensure the safety and comfort of people in future situations like this one, the governments must enforce some strict rules to aid situations like this and to conquer the unlawful release of nude pictures onto the internet.




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