The four main business models:

Four main business models in the e-commerce perspective these are business to business B2B  Business to consumer B2C , consumer to business C2C and consumer –to –consumer C2C




The business to business model is where a company sells supplies to another business. An example would be a manufacture of goods required in the production of a product.




The business to consumer model is the most common type that consumers are aware of these are retail stores and outlets. Essentially, it is a company that sells goods and services directly to the consumer.




The consumer to business model is far more recent and is where the consumer creates value in which a business consumes. An example of this is when a consumer creates an opportunity, based on some kind of fee, to market their product on the consumer’s blog. Amazon partakes in this a lot, where review writers market the books they write about and allow the reader to click on a link to purchase the item directly from amazon this model forms the basis for affiliated marketing

The final model is consumer to consumer, which has become more and more popular. This is where consumers create value for other consumers to consume. Examples of this model are online auction sites like EBay. To add on this OLX and gumtree have become synonymous to e-commerce in south Africa.





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