Inappropriate behavior can cause a lot of problems regarding one’s reputation. It is very important for one to maintain a clean and good reputation on social media. Inappropriate behavior especially in South African can cause massive destruction to one’s life as we all know ‘Black Twitter’. ‘Black Twitter’ is the biggest social media platform in South African and it is also known for the saying ‘No Chill in Mzanzi’ as it always attacks the individuals on social media that are posting things that can be said to be “inappropriate behavior”. We have a very well-known incident that took place on Facebook this year that escalated to ‘Black Twitter’. It was trending all over social media with the hashtag ‘SesethuVideo’. This all started when a girl named Sesethu, (bear in mind that she is 14 years old) sent a porn video to her boyfriend. No one knows if the video was leaked by mistake or if it was intentionally added by the girl’s boyfriend. This video was seen in Facebook and later trended everywhere. Even in ‘Whatsapp’, the video was escalating around. We can all imagine what consequences she went through… Even though a bit of the majority of people were consoling her, I don’t think it will help anyone. For anyone to rise up from such a big fall, it takes a lot. Who knows, maybe she ended her life because we never heard anything about what happened to her after that. We also have celebrities fighting against each other on social media. Now this comes to be very entertaining to their fans but it can also bring a bad image to the celebrities which they done need because they are living in the ‘lime light’. Incidents also happen where the public gets into what is called to be a “war’ on social media with other celebrities. This, most of the time ends way better than all the other inappropriate behaviours’ consequences. Inappropriate behaviour can also cause you not getting a job one day. It’s like a criminal record… It stays with you forever, people will always remember you of the bad thing you once did in your life, that’s how the world we live in is now. Although this gives one a lot of fame, it’s not really a great fame. A lot of recruitment companies such as DAV look for candidates on social media like Facebook these days because not a lot of people are on LinkedIn or do update their LinkedIn accounts. You can imagine, social media is a great background check. You can see the real person how they are behind closed doors. So, it is very important for one to not maintain an inappropriate behaviour on social media because it affects one’s reputation a lot. And also, the consequences are just unnecessary things that could have been avoided a long time ago. ‘Black Twitter’ has no chill so I recommend one to stay away from any inappropriate behaviour on social media that can “awoke” them.







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